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Frazee Softball

Left to Right 

 Abby Handegaard, Grace Hilde, Darcy Mortenson, Dani Piche, Lori Glander.  Row 2 Kneeling, left to right:  Carly Mahoney, Cecilia George, Abby Wothe, Clara Scolley, Annie Bachmann, Aina Olson.  Row 3 left to right:  Kaylynn Vennes (Manager), Emily Gigstead, Brenna Mahoney, Alexis Bauer, Abby Voss (Manager).  Back Row left to right:  Julie Karger (Coach), Tavia Bachmann (Coach), Bailey Aho, Madison Starry, Matt Bauer (Coach), Molly Fairbanks (Coach).

Head Coach: Matt Bauer  / [email protected] 

Assistant Coaches: Julie Karger 218-334-3181 ext. 4122 /  [email protected]      Tavia Bachmann 218-334-3181  ext. 5328 / [email protected]     Molly Fairbanks 218-334-3181 ext. 5101 / [email protected]

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