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Oct 31, 2014

Community Ed / ECFE


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     To register for either Community Education or Early Childhood Classes click on the Community Education Webstore and it will route you to registration.


         Community Education Webstore

Community Education/ECFE Events Calendar

2014 Community Education/ECFE Brochure 

2014  Summer Rec. Registration Form  (Baseball & Softball) 

Hornet Wrestling Day Camp - Registration Form (June 5th, 2014) 

 Frazee Hornet Wrestling Club Form

Student Driver Education:

 2014 Classroom Session Dates -- Three Choices:

- Session I:    March 3rd - April 2nd.  6:30 am to 8:00am.  (20 School Days)

- Session II:   June 16th - June 27th. 8:00am to 11:00am.  (10 Weekday Mornings)

- Session III:  July 28th - August 8th:  8:00am to 11:00am.  (10 Weekday Mornings) 

          Drivers Training Brochure 2013-2014



      Links to Driver Education-Related Sites:

              Click here for Practice Permit Tests

              Homeschool DPS Link:

          Click here for list of DPS-Accepted Documents

             Click here for link to DPS Testing Sites Contact Information (

                           Detroit Lakes Testing Station:      218-846-8270

                           Park Rapids:                                 218-732-2251 (Calls only answered on Thursdays)


Other Current Forms:









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