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Driver's Education

Driver's Education

Thirty Hours Classroom Training

If you are looking to get a driver’s license in Minnesota, you must first obtain a learner’s permit. To do so, you’ll need to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction required by law. The course teaches the principles of road awareness and safety for prospective first-time drivers.  Students must be 14 years of age and older. Upon successful completion of this class, students will receive a blue card. Class Fee $100

Parents, please note there is a new Pre-Application feature for driver’s education students taking their written test.  This process will allow applicants to enter a significant portion of their driver’s license application online before going into a driver’s license office. This process takes about 10-15 minutes and will cut down on wait times at the driver’s license office. Please complete the pre-application before going to the exam station to take your knowledge test.    Pre-application can be found on our website at: (  Click on the box on the right side that states “PRE-APPLY for a Driver’s License or ID” and follow the directions.

Driver's Education Classroom Registration Form

Six Hours Behind the Wheel Training

Behind the wheel training is available for anyone who currently holds a valid permit in the State of Minnesota.  Individuals must have their permit six months prior to getting their license. Students will receive behind the wheel once registered (closer to the time of his/her sixteenth birthday) or when a six month waiting period is near completion, whichever is further out, with an exception for those obtaining a farm permit.  Please do not register for behind the wheel until you receive your hard copy of the learner permit.  Fee: $200

Parents, please know that scheduling the road test with Driver and Vehicle Services are often booked several weeks in advance depending on testing location.  We suggest you plan ahead and schedule your exam ahead of time to insure you get it in a timely manner. To do so, go to: or call the testing site.  

Driver's Education Behind the Wheel Registration Form

Point of Impact Parent Workshop
Parents have the option to attend a Point of Impact Parent Workshop.  If the parent/guardian chooses to not complete the parent class, the teen driver must complete an additional 10 hours of supervised driving time with an adult totaling 50 hours.  This class is offered each fall.  Class Fee: No Charge.

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Law

Streamed live on Dec 18, 2014

As part of the new Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law, parents will now play an even larger role in their child’s development as a driver.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety discussed changes in the GDL, which include increased hours behind the wheel for teens, a required supervised driving log and a parent awareness class offered by all driver education providers.  Sarah Schacht, who has a 16-year-old licensed driver and a 15-year-old permitted driver, believes the parent awareness class gives parents new tools to help their children become better drivers.   The teen driver licensing changes go into effect January 1, 2015.

Understanding Minnesota Traffic Law for Drivers Under Age 18

Answers to Common Teen Driving Questions

Driver's Manual

Driver's Manual Audio Files

Free Practice Permit Test

Minnesota Driver’s Test Checklists

Supervised Driving Log

To Schedule BEHIND THE WHEEL EXAM with Driver and Vehicle Services

Region 7 Exam Station Hours and Services

Teen Driving Laws

Teens Behind the Wheel

Teen Road Rules Brochure

Teenage Driver Safety Campaign

Teen Driving Flyer

What's the Big Deal? Underage Drinking in Minnesota

Teen Driver's Contract between Teen & Parent

Farm Work License

Individuals applying for a farm work license, please note that a restricted farm work license only allows students to assist with farm work on farm/agricultural property that is owned or rented/leased by the family.  If you have questions regarding the farm work license statute, which is explained in M.S. 171.041, it may be viewed at  If you wish to apply for a farm work license, please print off and complete the Farm Work License Affidavit and return it to the Driver and Vehicle Services for approval.  

Home School Procedures

Students who are full-time homeschooled students working toward a home school diploma are eligible to complete the 30 hour classroom course at home with the parents as instructors.  There are currently 14 approved classroom curricula for homeschooled students.  The list of approved providers may be found on the DVS website at  The course may not be completed online. 

When the students have completed the 30 hour course using one of the approved curricula, they must complete the Home School Driver’s Education Affidavit, and fax or mail it to the Office of Driver Education.  The affidavit can be found on the DVS website at  When the completed affidavit is received, a letter of completion is mailed to the home school family along with instructions to take the letter of completion to the school where they will enroll the student in BTW.  If we enroll a homeschooled student in our BTW program after they have presented the Office of Driver Education letter of completion, we will then issue the blue card AND attach the letter to the student's BTW contract/agreement.   We cannot issue a blue card when presented a Certificate of Completion from the home school course provider.    At the time of issuing a blue card to the home school student, the BTW will need to be paid for in full which is currently $200.  

Vanessa's Law

In May 2004, a law went into effect referred to as “Vanessa’s Law” in memory of Vanessa Weiss, who was killed in May 2003 just days before her 16th birthday. She was a passenger in a vehicle driven by an unlicensed 15- year-old. Provisions of this law apply to drivers under age 18.

• An unlicensed teen who received a crash-related moving violation or an alcohol/controlled substance related violation (a violation of one or more statutes, including DWI, Implied Consent, Open Bottle, or Underage Drinking and Driving/Not a Drop Law) cannot be given a license, including an instruction permit or provisional license, until age 18. When this person turns 18, s/he must:

• Fulfill all reinstatement requirements, including the payment of fees which can be up to $680 depending on circumstances;

• Pass the driver’s license knowledge test;

• Obtain an instruction permit and hold it for at least six months, or three months for persons 19 years of age or older, and then pass the road test.

• A provisional license holder whose driving privilege was revoked due to a crash-related moving violation or an alcohol/controlled substance-related violation cannot regain a license until age 18.  At that time, the person must complete the following steps to obtain a full driver’s license:

• Fulfill all reinstatement requirements, including the payment of fees which can be up to $680 depending on circumstances;

• Complete the classroom portion of a formal driver education course;

• Obtain an instruction permit and hold it for three months;

• Complete a driver’s behind-the-wheel class.

Notice to Vanessa's Law Students registering with the Frazee-Vergas Community Education:

Students who are required to complete 30 hours of classroom and six hours of  behind the wheel under Vanessa’s Law are sent a letter from the Driver Evaluation Unit.   A copy of the letter must be included with registration and payment.   Individuals with questions can contact the Driver Evaluation Unit at  651.296.2025.    During the time of possessing a valid instruction permit, you must complete six hours of behind-the-wheel training and hold a valid instruction permit for at least 90 days.   No behind the wheel will be provided without a valid instruction permit.  You may check your Minnesota driving status at, or you may call 651.284.2000.

Not a Drop Law

In Minnesota, it is illegal for a person under age 21 to consume alcohol. If an underage person drinks and drives, they face penalties under Minnesota’s “Not a Drop” law in addition to DWI laws. Under “Not a Drop,” if an officer observes an underage person operating or in physical control of a motor vehicle and determines they have been drinking; they can lose their license for 30 to 180 days. The length of suspension will depend on the driver’s prior record.

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