Activity Forms / Handbook

Activity Forms / Handbook

Transportation: It is important that our student athletes travel with the team to and from events. If at any time a situation rises where transportation is needed separately to or from the event, communication and paperwork needs to be done and turned into the high school office.  In order to be allowed to not travel with the team the following form must be filled out and on file with the high school office.  Once this form is filled out and turned in, your child is cleared for the school year.  Communication must take place with the coach.  Transportation Agreement & Waiver 2019-20

Student Activity Handbook: If a student is participating in an activity it is important they follow the guidelines to the handbook as the Administration and School board have adopted the policies and will follow by them.  2019-20 Activities Handbook---Coming Soon

Free and Reduced:  To learn more on how to apply for free or reduced click here.  

Physical Requirement's: Traditionally in order to participate in all activities at FHS you need to have an updated physical on record.  Most of the time it is needed before the start up of your 7th and 10th grade seasons.  If you need to get an updated physical please use this form with your physician and provide a copy to the High School office.  

MSHSL Physical Form--mandatory

 (Forms Needed to Participate in Activities)

  1. MSHSL Eligibility Forms 2019-20--mandatory

  2. Insurance Waiver Form 2019-20--mandatory

  3. Concussion Impact Consent Form 2019-20

  4. Free and Reduced Form (goes to the business office)--optional but highly suggested