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Boys Track

Boys Track & Field

Left to Right

Front: Max Matejka, Dylan Selly, George Flynn, Nathan Johannsen, Jonny Parsons, Christian Petron

2nd: Lewis Helmers, Kaden Hiemenz, Caleb Drescher, Grady Larsen, Michael Miller, Hunter Anderson, Caleb Wutzke, Chaise Monoghan

3rd: Katy Wilkowski (manager), Roy Hoehne, Jayden Keeping, Seth Isola, Gavin Vinton, Christian Carlson, Skylure Lehman, Toby Isola, Landon Krueger-Pierce

Back: Alex Beck, Cole Fleisher, Sam Winn, Reid Eckert, Joby Geifer, Colby Erickson, Jack Hall, Vincent Helmers

Head Coach: 

Brian Tangen 218-334-3181  ext. 5309 /  [email protected]

Assistant Coaches: 

Jim Rader 218-334-3181  ext. 5403 / [email protected]     

Russ Hackel 218-334-3181  ext. 4210 / [email protected]

Drew Daggett  /   [email protected]

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