Academic Excellence

Starting in 2008 Frazee Activities joined the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association for Team Academic Excellence. Our coaches, advisers, and teachers stress the importance of being involved in activities, but also stress the importance of academics along the way. When you combine these two important qualities together, you find strong individuals, strong teams, strong programs, and most importantly a strong school and community. Please look at the accomplishments below of our student athletes, coaches, and advisers, which are measured after each competitive season.

Gold=Exceeds 3.75 & Silver= Hits the mark between 3.5--3.749.


2009/10-- Girls Track-- Gold; Softball--Gold; Football--Silver; Gymnastics--Silver, Girls Basketball--Silver

2010/11-- Football--Silver; Girls Basketball--Silver; Softball--Gold;

2011/12--Football--Silver; Girls Basketball--Silver, Gymnastics--Silver; Volleyball--Silver; Softball--Gold

2012/13-- Girls Basketball--Silver; Softball--Gold; Girls Track--Silver; Football--Silver; Volleyball--Silver

2013/14-- Softball--Gold; Girls Track--Gold; Football--Gold; Volleyball--Silver; Girls Cross Country--Silver; Girls Basketball--Silver; Softball--Gold;

2014/15--Volleyball--Silver; Girls Cross Country--Gold; Girls Basketball--Silver; Boys Track--Silver

2015/16--Cross Country--Gold; Volleyball--Silver; Girls Basketball--Silver; Girls Track--Gold; Boys Track--Silver; Girls Golf--Silver; 2016-17--Cross Country Girls--Silver; Cross Country Boys--Gold; Softball--Silver

2017-18--Cross Country Boys--Silver; Girls Golf--Gold Girls Basketball---Gold

2018-19--Volleyball--Silver; Boys Cross Country--Gold; Boys Golf--Silver; Girls Softball---silver; Boys Track--Gold; Girls Track--Gold