Native American Education Program Coordinator:  Danielle Adams | Email:

Elementary Office: 218-334-3181 Ext. 4208 |   High School Office: 218-334-3181 Ext. 5340

Boozhoo!  (Welcome!)

My goal is to improve American Indian students achievement and graduation rates.    We provide the support and services to help students achieve academic success through: 

The Native American club offers both cultural and social activities to all interested students.  The club is designed for students who want to learn more about Native American history and cultural practices in a fun, interactive environment.  Some of the activities include cultural and educational field trips, cultural and craft activities, viewing Native American- directed films, and exposure to the origin myths and legends of Native Americans in Minnesota and other parts of the country.  All students are welcome to attend. 

Title VI Information

Federal Title VII program supports the educational and cultural needs of American Indian students.  The program is designed to provide educational support for students who are enrolled (if they want), or whose grandparents or parents are enrolled, in a federally recognized tribe or band.  Some of the provided services include academic support, school  advocacy, school supplies, as well as college scholarship guidance and support.   Title VII federal fund are made possible by the completion and submission of a 506 form.  If you need a form sent home with your child, mailed out or need assistance in completing the form, please contact me.  I am here to help! 

State funding, based on AMI attending, offers continued support of the Federal program along with the addition of an American Indian paraprofessional. The focus of the paraprofessional is on providing reading comprehension and vocabulary support for AMI K-3 elementary students within the school day, along with monitoring and support for AMI students in grade 4-6.

What is the Title VI program?

This is a K-12 federal educational program for schools across the nation which exists not because of race or ethnicity.  It is based on the trust relationship of tribal nations with the U.S. federal government.  Many of the parents and grandparents may have been involved in some way or another when they went to school.  Title VII is not special education.  Its purpose is to help students meet the state standards, successfully complete high school, and pursue higher education.

Who can be in the Title VI program?

The student qualifies if he/she is enrolled in a federal tribe or if the biology parent or grandparent is eligible to be enrolled or is currently enrolled in a federal tribe.

If I indicate on the Frazee-Vergas Schools Registration Form that my child is Native American, is my child automatically in the Title VI program?

No, but it certainly helps out with our ability to track down potential students.

How do I get my child to qualify?

Obtain a Title VI 506 form from the elementary or high school office or contact me at   Fill out the one time form (which is kept completely confidential according to regulations.)

If I fill out a Title VI form, does my child have to receive academic services?

Absolutely not, it is up to the parent/guardian to make that decision. By filing out the form the student simply meets the qualification to receive and/or participate in their desired program.  We encourage parents to fill out the form so that we can communicate with parents through our newsletter and website, monitor students, and continue to receive funding for our programs.

How do I find out more about this program?

Please do not hesitate to call or contact me by phone or email.   I look forward to working with families in our district.

My promise to you is to strengthen and promote positive experiences and educational outcomes for American Indian students in our district.  

Ways I intend to work to accomplish this by:

I value:

I will work in this position to do my best to insure American Indian students will reach their full potential within our school community through meaningful, equitable, and targeted educational experiences that affirms and values their unique cultural identities.