College & Career Readiness

Frazee School Counselor, Theresa Fett, works with students, teachers, parents, and administration to help ensure that students' educational, vocational, and emotional needs are being met. School Counselors provide crisis intervention services and individual and group counseling to help all students develop their educational, social, career, and personal strengths and become responsible and productive citizens.

Counselor: Ta Fett / 218-334-3181 ext. 5338 /

College In High School

There are three ways juniors and seniors can obtain college credit while still in high school. Students may take college classes online (OCHS), attend college classes right here at FHS (Concurrent Enrollment), or take college classes right on a Minnesota college campus (PSEO).


  • GPA Requirements: Juniors must have a cumulative GPA 3.2 or higher & Seniors must have a cumulative GPA 2.8 or higher.

  • Assessment Requirements:

  • Minimum ACCUPLACER Scores: Reading score of 78, Elementary Algebra score of 76 and College Level Math score of 50.

  • Minimum ACT Scores: ACT Reading sub score of 18, ACT Algebra sub score of 22

College classes on the FHS Campus: College Algebra, College Statistics / College Pre-Calc, College Biology / College Anatomy , College Writing I & II, General Psychology, & College Speech

PSEO (Post-Secondary Education Options)

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows students in their junior or senior year to earn college credit while in high school. Each college and/or university that offers PSEO sets their own requirements for enrollment into their program. Students may take PSEO courses on a full or part-time basis. Talk to your school counselor if you're interested in learning more about PSEO.