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Messages can be left or texted twenty-four hours a day

Welcome to the Frazee-Vergas Latch Key program (also known as School Age Child Care).   We are here to provide families with quality, trusting child care for elementary age youth in kindergarten through 6th grade.   (For the summer program, students who will be starting kindergarten in the fall are eligible.  Those entering 7th grade in the fall are not eligible for summer.)  It is the primary goal of our District to provide a safe, happy, and enriching supervised environment for our children attending this program.  Participants can enjoy outdoor activities with access to playground equipment and indoor time includes crafts, games and activities.  If your child is in Hornet Connection, other sports and/or activities and Summer Rec events, we can work with your schedules. 

Our Latch Key Programs are housed at the Frazee-Vergas Elementary School in the Activity Room.  You can access the classroom through Door #17.  The After School Latch Key program is designed so children do not have to leave the building after school in order to receive child care.   The Summer Latch Key program is designed to provide families with all-day or drop-in child care.  Flexible schedules are welcome, and participants only pay when in attendance.   Latch Key rates are $3.50 per hour, per child.  A snack is provided to all children in the Latch Key programs.   Parents need to provide a lunch and beverage for the All Day Summer Latch Key program when the Summer Food Nutrition Program is not being offered or your child doesn’t want to eat the FREE lunch provided by the school.   Breakfast will be provided on All Day Summer Latch Key program days.

Latch Key staff are Beth Breitenfeldt, Addison Burton, Paige Callahan (supervisor), Melanie Erickson, Pam Fiebelkorn, Dawn Hanson, Keela Hanson, Heidi Hunt, Lacey Kiehl, Linda Kuehn, Linsey Marks, Alydia Mitchell and Bethanie Skunberg.  For questions you may have, please contact Kitti at 218-334-3181, Ext. 5343 or

Please communicate with Latch Key if your child is scheduled to be at Latch Key on any given day, it is your responsibility to text and/or call the Latch Key if they will not be there.    The phone number is 218-298-4691 and messages can be left 24-hours a day.    It is the family's responsibility to communicate with Latch Key and not rely on classroom teachers or the elementary office to do so.  If Latch Key staff have not received notification from a parent/guardian, they will be calling to see where your child is.  This is an inconvenience during a busy time right after school and takes time away from other responsibilities.   Parents will be billed for the full day of Latch Key time if communication was not made to Latch Key about their absence.

Hours of Operation:

After School Latch Key

Monday-Friday, 3:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Frazee-Vergas Elementary School Activity Room (Door #17)

Phone/Text 218-298-4691

Summer Latch Key

Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:45 PM

Frazee-Vergas Elementary School Activity Room (Door #17)

Phone/Text 218-298-4691 

2023-2024 Calendar

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Due to the popularity of our child care program, we strongly encourage families to register when registrations are accepted.   The After School 2023-24 program is currently filled.  Please complete the registration packet to be added to the waitlist. 

Once your application is turned in, the Community Education Office will contact you to confirm your acceptance into the program.   Please do not send your child(ren) until you receive notification when to begin.  Latch Key is currently full.   Please know if Latch Key is at capacity on the day(s) requested, you will be put on a waitlist and notified that you are on that list.  It is not uncommon that a family's schedules change and a spot may become available.   Daily attendance will be limited on a first come first serve basis.  Thank you. 

Registration Forms :

Latch Key Parent Manual